Information for Participating in Hearing by Telephone

  • At least 10 minutes before the time of the hearing, dial the AT&T (toll-free) teleconferencing number for the presiding judge as listed below.
  • Enter the access code associated with the number.
  • Place the telephone on mute, but do not place the call on hold.
  • Wait until your case is called or announcements are accepted by court before speaking. Each time you speak, identify yourself for the record.
  • Pursuant to E.D. Tenn. LBR 5073-1, you are prohibited from recording or broadcasting the proceedings conducted by the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Chief Judge Marcia Phillips Parsons

Telephone (877) 336-1839 Access Code 8354354

Judge Shelley D. Rucker

Telephone (877) 336-1829 Access Code 4289323

Judge Suzanne H. Bauknight

Telephone (877) 336-1828 Access Code 4941759

Judge Nicholas W. Whittenburg

Telephone (877) 810-9415 Access Code 1138859