Friday, March 13, 2020


In an effort to reduce the public’s and our staff’s exposure to the Corona Virus (COVID-19), the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama will conduct all hearings by telephone rather than in person at the federal courthouses throughout the district. This change will start on the following dates for the following divisions and will continue for each docket until further notice:

Eastern Division (Anniston and St. Clair County Dockets) – March 30, 2020; Northern Division (Decatur, Florence, and Huntsville Dockets) – March 23, 2020; Southern Division (Birmingham Dockets) – March 23, 2020; and

Western Division ( Jasper and Tuscaloosa Dockets) – March 24, 2020.

Please do not come to the Bankruptcy Court for your hearing(s). You should contact your attorney to determine how you are to participate in the hearing by telephone.

First Meeting of Creditors (Section 341) meetings will also be conducted away from the Bankruptcy courthouse(s) beginning March 23, 2020. You should not come to the courthouse for your First Meeting of Creditors (Section 341) meeting. Your meeting will be conducted telephonically by the Trustee in a location and manner determined by the U. S. Bankruptcy Administrator for the Northern District of Alabama, J. Thomas Corbett, and the Trustees. Please contact your attorney, the debtor’s attorney, the U.

S. Bankruptcy Administrator’s Office (205) 714-3830 or the Trustee assigned to the case for information regarding the First Meeting of Creditors (Section 341) meeting location and manner of appearance.

Additional information regarding these public health accommodations will be published on the Court’s website: Once a date is selected to stop these special accommodations, that date will also be posted on the website. You may call the Clerk’s Office for additional information, (205) 714-4000.

Joseph E. Bulgarella

Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court